Our Story

Joe and Shirlene Barton established Grey Wolf Cellars in August 1994. Since then, the Bartons have made their winery a family-run business. Joe Senior had a vision and a dream to create great wine and do so with his family. He put on his wine labels, "A family is a circle of caring, strong and eternal." He succeeded because he always put 100% into everything he did. Joe Senior left our pack in the Winter of 1998, but his dream and passion lives on through his family and the spirit of Grey Wolf.

The Barton's son, Joseph, a Fruit Science Graduate from Cal Poly, S.L.O., is the current winemaker at Grey Wolf Cellars. He credits local winemakers for providing friendly support and advice towards his ability to continue to craft premium quality wines.

From winemaking to farming, family participation has always been the cornerstone of Grey Wolf's excellence. Every bottle of Grey Wolf wine is our signature of a fine, hand-crafted product for our family and yours. Grey Wolf's style has always been to create wines that have depth and complexity for superior aging potential yet also approachable and drinkable young.

Joseph's techniques are geared at enhancing the natural flavors from the vineyard with old world winemaking using hand-punched, small open-top fermentors. Through this, maximum extraction can be achieved. All wines are 100% barrel aged exclusively in French and American Oak. Most importantly, Joseph handles 100% of the wine operation insuring that every step in the process is done to its fullest potential.

Mouse over the symbols in the crest to discover the meaning behind them!


Chalice: This is pretty self explanatory how this symbol relates to the Bartons. This first represents the passion filled hard work that goes into growing the grapes making the wine but most of all this chalice represents the precious time we have with friends and family to share and enjoy our beautiful product. Wolf: The wolf is a tribute to Grey Wolf Cellars, where the Barton family first began their venture in winemaking. Rose: The origins of the Barton name come from when the Anglo-Saxon tribes ruled over Britain. The name Barton was originally derived from a family having lived on a barley farm. There is traditionally a red rose on the Barton family coat of arms and it symbolizes grace, beauty, love and desire. Arm and Hammer: The arm and hammer pays a tribute to the men of the Barton Family who all worked as carpenters. This includes Joe Barton Jr., our winemaker, his father, Joe Barton Sr., his grandfather, Raymond Barton and his uncle, Troy Barton. Joe Jr. is forever grateful for these amazing men and the opportunity he now has because of their hard work, dedication and generosity.