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Barton, Grey Wolf and the Occasional Wines

In 1994, the Barton Family established Grey Wolf Cellars with sights of running a boutique, craft winery focusing on small lot, high quality wines. Winemaker, Joe Barton has been doing just that ever since. Keeping with tradition, the GREY WOLF wines still entail small lot, creatively blended wines made from high quality grapes grown locally.

In 2011 Joe released two new and exciting brands. One being the BARTON label which entails our line of white wines and reserve reds. Joe's philosophy with the Barton brand is clean, dry, acidic and floral whites and best of the best red wines. Also making its debut in 2011 are the OCCASIONAL WINES. This is Joe's collection of wines that he creates to try new styles, techniques, and varieties with no expectations other than being new, exciting and unpredictable! Thank you for joining us and please enjoy this unique collaboration of handcrafted wines!


Eclectic array of white wines and reserve, vineyard designated reds

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The classics and what we’re known for- small lot, full bodied reds

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"Beauty is in the wine of the beholder"... A beautiful and refreshing rosé.

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Inside the Tasting Room

Barton's Kitchen Window

Come visit us and enjoy a glass of wine with an amazing lunch from Chef Jeffry at Barton's Kitchen Window. Open Fridy through Sunday, 12pm - 4pm.

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