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Grey Wolf Cellars

2011 Lineage

Paths of heredity in the wolf pack are the purest symbol of a tightly woven thread of existence that wolves share. The Grey Wolf spirit was founded on this ideal. Lineage is a tribute to the legacy of Barton Family winemakers-past, present and future.

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2011 Alpha

In the wolf family, the dominate male and female wield the prestige of "Alpha". This superior distinction was given to our Cabernet Sauvignon by Grey Wolf's only two winemakers, our Alphas. Forever in spirit: Raymond Joe Barton

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2012 Big Bad Wolf

What long legs you have!
What a big nose you have!
What a full mouth you have!
What a big wine you are!
Be wary of both the wolf and his wine.
They're irresistable

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2012 Jackal

Crafy, Mischievous and Sly. A gift from our cousing the Jackal. A mystical red wine to be sure....

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2011 Zinful Cab

The first of its kind returns. Born out of desperation. This eclectic blend makes unusual bedfellows, but never fails to please. Drink up the moment and never be afraid to be Zinful!

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Lone Wolf Red

Those who wander are not always lost...

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